– S O L D –

However, if you like this direction, I will create one for you with YOUR plate. For more info, please CONTACT me.

Texas has a very rich history and culture – distinctive and recognizable in countless ways. Have you ever seen the shape of Colorado on a beer can? Hell No! It’s a freakin’ rectangle! Just sayin’. Anyway, Texas lends itself to all kinds of creative executions.

The Texas Farm Truck Guitar was inspired by all those interesting and cool things that make Texas what it is – not the least of which is music. It’s like we dragged this guitar through every roadside curio shop in the state and said, “HERE! Here’s ONE version of a Texas guitar.” Did we gild the yellow rose here? You bet yer ass.

Would you like a License Plate Guitar with your plate, your state? Just let me know.

With CG, there’s no such thing as TMI.

Your satisfaction with any piece of CONNER GUITART is based on adequate knowledge of that piece BEFORE you purchase it. I strive to offer as much visual and verbal information as possible and I am constantly adding new information to my product pages and FAQs. That said, I know there will always be new questions. So, please, never hesitate to CONTACT me. I learn new things from my friends every day.