Inspired by the 1968 World’s Fair held in San Antonio, Texas, the “HEMISFAIR” guitar incorporates a license plate that was issued to promote the event.

The entire body and front of the headstock have been textured by pounding nuts, bolts, washers, screws, springs and you name it into the wood to create an extremely unique pattern. All the hardware (right down to the rusty license plate bolts) has been chosen or aged to match the personality of the over 50-year-old plate.

The guitar and wall mount art are intentionally monochromatic with the exception of one red tuning key just for fun. All combined, the guitar hangs over a ’68 photo of an arial view of the San Antonio fair grounds – just a fun piece of history.

LICENSE PLATE GUITARS: My thought on license plate guitars is to avoid losing the charm, nostalgia or very reasons you like the plate. So I focus on seamlessly incorporating the plate while keeping the things you love about it visually intact. It’s a “happy accident” that a Tele-style guitar lends itself very well to this in that the neck pickup and bridge assembly just happen to be the same height as the letters on most plates. This results in, what appears to be, an entire plate where the bridge and pickups visually become symbols or letters on that plate without losing functionality.

Are you interested in a License Plate Guitar with YOUR plate and YOUR state? Just let me know.

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