How to Buy



All cool things start with a dialog. Just contact me with a general, or specific, idea of what you are looking for. Got questions? I’ll answer ‘em. Got ideas? We’ll talk about ‘em. I look forward to it. I’m just a regular Joe artist in a garage creating these pieces one at a time. So please don’t hesitate.

To purchase an EXISTING piece or concept of CONNER GUITART:

Fill out the contact form. Let me know what you are thinking. We’ll discuss the details of any given piece, price, shipping, timing, and make it happen ASAP. If that piece has been sold – fret not – for, if you like, I will re-create one for you.

To commission a CUSTOM piece of CONNER GUITART:

Fill out the contact form. For starters, you can choose an existing concept on my site and we can tailor it to your specifications concerning color, hardware, electronics, etc. There’s a lot of latitude for personalization with existing CONNER GUITART directions.

Or, You may have a completely new idea! I live for this. I derive as much satisfaction in creating something very unique as, I hope, you would in conceptually contributing to and owning something very unique.

So, whether it’s an existing concept or a completely new one, we’ll have a general conversation about it and, if you’re interested in moving forward, we’ll move to the CONCEPT* stage (See next step.) where we define the fun details.


This is where the fun, enhanced uniqueness and real personalization begins and where we arrive at, and clearly define, what you are looking for.

Would you like a License Plate execution with a plate from your state with custom wall-mount background graphics?

How about a Rainbow Rain piece where you choose the palette of colors? Perhaps the “rainbow” is 10 different hues of blue. It’s up to you.

What about an Artist Palette piece of GUITART – where you choose the palette colors, body wood, neck, hardware & electronics?

Or, would you like a completely New Concept based on your ideas, creative sensibilities and/or needs? Whether you’re a seasoned musician, a collector or even a business looking for a display or promotional piece, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

During the CONCEPT stage, we will define, through email, phone calls and sketches (if needed), all the details of your vision.

If all is good, we move to the next step…


Okay, “Contract” is a bit harsh. How ‘bout “Statement of Work”? Or better yet, a “Friendly Agreement”? This is where I document all the things we agreed upon concerning concept, cost, materials and timing. Then you take a look at it. If everything looks good, we start the build.

NOTE: A “contract”, is mainly for commissioned or custom pieces where materials need to be purchased up front before construction.

*One half of the total agreed upon price is required to begin construction.


Simply stated, this is where we build your GUITART. I’ll bet you’re just like me in that when you invest in something, you can’t wait to have it in your hands. I understand this. Rest assured, I will keep you apprised of progress and developments, through email, photos and messages. If you have any questions during the construction period, I’m all ears. Never hesitate to contact me.


Once the the project is complete, the pieces are carefully packed and shipped (usually in 2 separate packages – guitar & wall mount).

NOTE: Shipping and insurance charges are outlined in the “CONTRACT” stage.

Upon receipt, thoroughly check everything out. If you have any concerns, contact me immediately and I will take steps to resolve any issues. The most important thing to me is that I fulfill our collective vision and that you are satisfied with the end product.

This may be the conclusion of a project, but hopefully not the relationship. Wether you’re an artist, musician, collector or all three, I would love to know what you’re doing or how you may have incorporated anything I may have helped to create into your efforts.

I love creating GUITART and feel the entire process should be just as satisfying for you.
My process may initially seem like overkill. But it’s for good reasons. The the last thing I want is for anyone to be unhappy with the end product.

Communication is the key.