When I hear great music, I see colors. When I look at a wonderful piece of art, I hear music. One very interesting term for this phenomenon is “chromesthesia”. To me, the senses of sound and sight have always overlapped in inseparable ways. This direction of thought certainly isn’t new, but I feel it still represents a very rich vein to mine for interesting creative directions. This perceived aggregate of senses is the driving thought behind this execution.

I believe an immense amount of creativity exists within every individual. The Artist Palette guitar is simply intended to be an icon for possibilities and potential – a musical instrument and fully-loaded palette on a blank canvas just waiting for you to paint a song.

With CG, there’s no such thing as TMI.

Your satisfaction with any piece of CONNER GUITART is based on adequate knowledge of that piece BEFORE you purchase it. I strive to offer as much visual and verbal information as possible and I am constantly adding new information to my product pages and FAQs. That said, I know there will always be new questions. So, please, never hesitate to CONTACT me. I learn new things from my friends every day.