Back Home Again – if just through a guitar. This piece was inspired by my nostalgic thoughts about growing up in Indiana. This guitar was crafted to be like it was found after a tornado in an old barn with a dusty canvas tarp over it – you know, the stuff “American Pickers” would salivate over. The rustic personality of the genuine ’56 Indiana license plate was left intact and the hardware on the guitar was distressed and aged to match. The rustic 3-tone worn paint and finish on the body echo the plate and the state colors at the time. The wall mount graphics suggest the rural area and the barn where the guitar was found.

LICENSE PLATE GUITARS: My thought on license plate guitars is to avoid losing the charm, nostalgia or very reasons you like the plate. So I focus on seamlessly incorporating the plate while keeping the things you love about it visually intact. It’s a “happy accident” that a Tele-style guitar lends itself very well to this in that the neck pickup and bridge assembly just happen to be the same height as the letters on most plates. This results in, what appears to be, an entire plate where the bridge saddles and pickups visually become symbols or letters on that plate without losing functionality.

NOTE: This is just ONE state. I would be happy to build a piece of CONNER GUITART with YOUR plate, YOUR state and YOUR input on custom wall-mount graphics.

With CG, there’s no such thing as TMI.

Your satisfaction with any piece of CONNER GUITART is based on adequate knowledge of that piece BEFORE you purchase it. I strive to offer as much visual and verbal information as possible and I am constantly adding new information to my product pages and FAQs. That said, I know there will always be new questions. So, please, never hesitate to CONTACT me. I learn new things from my friends every day.