Conner Guitart

CONNER GUITART is about uniqueness and personalization focused on players, collectors and anyone who loves guitars and art. I believe, between the mass producers and the uber-master luthiers, lies ample opportunity to create solutions as unique as you and the music you create and/or appreciate. Guitars are already pieces of art. My focus is to enhance the existing and re-present them in unique and personal ways. I’m not trying to reinvent the wheel – just offer some new and interesting ways for you to ROLL and, of course, ROCK!

You. Amplified.

CONNER GUITART is, ideally, an expression of you. Life’s so short, I’ve no desire to create a thousand identical pieces. I’m no Henry Ford – never wanted to be. I derive immense satisfaction by working with individuals to collectively arrive one-of-a-kind GUITART solutions based on your unique tastes, creative wishes and musical sensibilities – where the end product is a manifestation of your thoughts, enhanced. Here are a few examples (And I’m just getting started.):

’24 Guitar Concepts

What a great year in guitar building! I’ve learned so much, and had so much fun – thanks to all my friends and the great people in the online luthier/builder groups and forums so will to share their thoughts and expertise. Hopefully, I was able to fairly reciprocate with some helpful suggestions and information as well.

In an effort to stay busy, I overlap 3-4 projects simulyaneously. This way, I’m never without something to do. That said, here are a few drawings of my upcoming projects for 2024. My drawings are 95% doodles. But if even less than 5% of the effort ends up in a cool build, it’s more than worth it.

The Mondrian Guitar Build:

Based on a Piet Mondrian painting “Composition with Red, Blue and Yellow” 1930.

A Tele-style configuration, the body will be totally custom made with a unique headstock that will reflect Mondrian’s abstract geometric style as well. I know it looks a little “8-bit”, “Minecrafty” right now. But it won’t when it’s all completed.

Amy’s Wish With Wings Build:

Building this piece for a charitable cause. It’s all about helping children facing various challenges by employing equine-assisted services (horses) to help them. My thought is to include wood carving, wood burning and some accent gilding. Hopefully, through auction, it garners a great contribution to the overall efforts for this worthy cause.

The Jekyll & Hyde Double-Neck Build:

Pretty self explanatory. Ambitious to be sure. Two disparate personalities contained within one build (Loosely based on a Gibson EDS-1275). Just trying to add a bit more function and story to a double-neck guitar. This build represents an immense amount of fun/work and some challenges I haven’t faced before.

The Guitart Nouveau Build

To me, most guitar bodies are already an expression of the liquid curves and organic lines of many forms of Art Nouveau. But it’s a wonderful direction and I love it. It’s as organic, natural, and fluid as music itself. So I’ll just see where it goes.

Here’s to great New Year building guitars. And thanks again to all for your helpful insights and information. I hope y’all have a fantastic NEW YEAR!

Sold? Fret Not.

If you see a direction that you love and it’s marked as sold, it’s not a problem – for I will create a guitar for you that is based on that direction and enhanced by your wishes and input. The finished instrument will inevitably be more unique to you than the one that caught your eye in the first place.

Nobody puts Baby in the corner.

When you’re not playing her, she belongs on your wall for everyone to see.
Most CONNER GUITART creations include a wall-mount structure (20” X 48” X 2.5-3”). The respective artwork may be on stretched canvas, a high-quality print on vinyl, or painted directly on the structure.